Fulfillment in Los Angeles

Couple of weeks back, I wrote a text about my own history. I’ve started doing that from time to time lately. I don’t really know why this started interesting me just now. I mean, I’ve always liked writing but just not about myself. This is a new era, I suppose.

I told you guys about my time in fulfillment in Los Angeles. This was between the years 22 and 28, when I had my west coast years. I mainly went there to surf. Then when I got injured, I focused more on the social life, and on work in fulfillment in Los Angeles.

It was a fun job. I really liked most aspects of it. Especially the co-workers of course. I remember, clear as day, the first time I walked through those doors. What a group of people I had ended up in. Classic nerds, all of them, just like me. I saw some people with long curly hair and the thought came to be instantly: “I guess I’m not the only surfer in Los Angeles to work in fulfillment”. That happened to be prejudice of me. These people were not surfers, they were rockers. Big mistake. Although they became some of my closest friends, which was very nice.

I must say that I also liked the whole work process when working in fulfillment in Los Angeles. I was an all-around guy for the first 1,5 years. I went wherever I was most needed and try to make the best out of every situation. Sometimes they needed me in the warehousing part of our fulfillment in Los Angeles. That was great because I got to hang out with Adam, one of my closest friends at the company. They day after, I could be doing the picking and packing together with Gretel and the other girls. That was also great and mostly fun.

We always had good talks back then. That’s probably the thing I miss the most about working in Los Angeles, with fulfillment. It didn’t matter if it was morning, mid-day, evening or night pass. I always enjoyed hanging out with those people. I hope they and think that they feel the same way about me!

Let me know if you want to hear more about my time in fulfillment in Los Angeles. I’d be happy to share!

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